Bird Watching for Wildlife Lovers

Using Drones safely for Bird Watching

Drones for Racing and Freestyle FPV

When it comes to getting the best aerial images and photographs a Drone or Quadcopter is nowadays the best and safest way of obtaining the best results. With the rapid increase in technology in todays drones you can get that perfect shot without leaving the ground. DJI more known for photography drones has stepped into the FPV Racing and Freestyle scene with a bang. 

We highly recommend the DJI HD Digital FPV Combo and the iFlight Titan DC5 Bnf  because they are the latest technology in fpv racing and freestyle with clear video image.

Always remember to keep a safe distance from any birds or wildlife but from past experience most birds are not phased at all with todays drones .

Jumper T16 Pro Transmitters with Hall Sensor Gimbals.

If you are looking for the latest radio for drone racing then the New Jumper T16 pro is the one, It has multi protocol internal module which means you can use the crossfire external module without the need to keep swapping out. 

In addition the T16 supports the popular D8 mode which Frsky as now made absolute with there new ACCESS protocol in newer radios.

You can view more info and purchase here